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We are PROUD to help


Purchased 20 Amazon vouchers of £25 each which will be gifted to ill children to use them to buy Christmas presents for their families


Kitchen appliances such as washing machines, a spin dryer and a liquidiser

Wheelchair equipment and computers

Sponsored first aid training for children with disabled siblings

Pulmonary artery banding surgery for Sourav, a 8 month old child suffering from a congenital heart defect

Heart surgeries to correct congenital defects for Pooja and Aarav

Grant to help build a new sensory playroom and washroom for a child suffering from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

iPads for children suffering from severe and complex neurological disorder, as well as individuals requiring sensory calming

Riding School summer workshop for disabled children and their siblings


Mick Jagger Dartford Musician of the Year 2017 sponsorship


Junior Academy Music Foundation


Purchased a Samba kit for St. Peters C of E Primary School, Mount Pleasant, for the childrens' music lessons

Community Music 2014 Summer School Programme "Band in a week"

Child development/training  for FAME-a charity providing holistic education and training to children to optimise their potential to lead a life of dignity and self esteem

Grant to support a sick but very gifted child in India for tabla music lessons


Donated funds towards the building of New Havens Hospice Essex

Donated funds for a Multi Sensory Room supporting terminally children in Little
Haven's Hospice

Donation towards the St Lukas Hospice Copenhagen

Specialist wet suits to allow children with central venous devices to attend hydrotherapy sessions

Decoration of a family room in "Demelza" Hospice

Games Console for a terminally ill child supported by Alexander Devine Hospice

Grants to support J's Days with terminally ill young adults and their families, date nights for the parents and events for the siblings of children with disabilities


Memorial Service covering refreshments and flowers

Financial support for a child who died in hospice

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