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Making an Impact

How your donations make a difference

Health & Home Support Programme


Smile of Hope, have always aimed to ensure that we do everything we can to provide the support needed to give children and young adults with life-limiting conditions a smile of hope. Through our programmes, we are making essential contributions to children’s organisations, in order for them to continue providing their much-needed services.

Take a look to see who we’ve helped, and how our programmes have made a difference to their work.

Arts & Crafts Empowerment


 Children deserve a healthy and happy childhoods. Music, exercise, arts, crafts, and regularly engaging in stimulating social activities help improve both the mental and physical wellbeing of children and young-adults. However, more than half of children do not have access to such activites.


Through our Arts & Crafts Programme we provide sponsorship, equipment, resources, and all-around general support to ensure more children get a chance to have fun and find their passions!


Take a look to see who we sponsor and how your team or club can benefit.

Hospice Aid Programme

Who we’ve supported | Apply


Hospices are not just for the elderly, unfortunately millions of children in the UK and across the world require constant professional care. We have commited our hearts towards supporting these inspiring children and carers.

Check out which hospices we helped and how

Community Support

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We aim to make a positive impact within the local communities we operate in. It's important to us those that support us the most also recieve a smile of hope.


Check out how we make an impact in the community

Children's Crisis Relief

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Children's Social Solidarity Project

 Crises and disasters strike unexpectedly, your support helps Smile of Hope provide time-critical supplies and support to assist the children in their most vulnerable time.

See how our crisis programme has helped

Wish Granting

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Unforntunately sometimes there's nothing more we can do to give a smile of hope but to grant a wish. However, with your support and our relentless dedication, we can make almost any wish come true.

See some of the wishes we've granted

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