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Children with a playful smile of hope

About SOH

We are here to give a smile of hope by supporting children with life-limiting illnesses

Because every child deserves hope

Smile of Hope believes every child deserves a happy and healthy childhood, regardless of their background or circumstances.

We work to achieve our belief by providing educational, healthcare, and mentorship programs to children with life-limiting conditions or are in general need; and by partnering with local organisations and communities, together we create long-term solutions for their brighter future.

We offer a variety of programs and services to support children and families, including arts & craft programs, healthcare support, mentorship opportunities, and community outreach events.

Who we are

We are a local UK family and friends run charity who provide support and opportunities to children with life-limiting conditions or disadvantages. We identify problems within our community and establish grassroot projects to tackle them. Creating personal connections with the families and children we help is truly priceless to us.

What we do

With the help of our generous partners, donors and sponsors we provide life-changing support to children with chronic and or severe conditions. Additionally, we encourage and advance education and development through programmes like music, arts & drama which are designed to be accessible to children with such conditions or in general need.

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Our history

Smile of Hope started in 2012 when it was called Lili’s Smile and predominantly supported terminally children and their families who were using Little Haven’s Hospice services. Lili’s dad left the charity to be a trustee and Haven’s Hospice so the name was changed to Smile of Hope in 2016. Since then significant expansion has occurred and the ability to help children in various ways have grown

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Our mission

Is to bring joy and relief in the form of smiles and hope to children with life-limiting conditions; and create all-inclusive opportunities which further development and education, bringing a sense of normalcy.

Our campaigns supporting children in need

Life-limiting Support

Millions of children suffer with conditions no child should have to live with, and we provide support from financial aid and wish granting to life-saving treatment to give a smile of hope to those who are struggling.

Community Support

To raise money to support the children in need and create a smile of hope within the local community, we regurally host low-priced events like raffles, sales, and quizes; while also hosting events for children, talking to schools to identify people in need, and engaging in community programs.

Music, Arts & Drama

Not all children have access to resources to pursue their passions, be that due to financial factors or motor skills; we run, sponsor, and support any iniatives that provide entertainment and development through music, arts & drama for disadvantaged children.


Meet the team that makes a Smile of Hope

Meet our team who create a Smile of Hope, helping the charity ensure that as many children as possible get the support they need.


Become a part of the team at Smile of Hope

Join Smile of Hope's team and make a difference while having fun! Work alongside passionate individuals organizing events, fundraising, and volunteering. Join now!

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