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Meet Our Team

Having been established in 2011, the Smile of Hope charity has worked towards
helping children suffering with life-limiting illnesses in local and internation
al communities

Here's the dedicated hearts of many, who have enabled the charity to save lives, fullfill wishes, and support the dreams of numerous disadvantaged children across the world.

Every year, we have delightedly facilitated and supported numerous incredibly helpful and talented individuals through their Duke of Edinburgh Journey, in order for them to receive a DOE award.

Check out how you can apply!

Our founders are strongly involved in the leadership of the charity with the same passion as when they created the charity. 

Smile of Hope is very fortunate to have a committed and diverse board of trustees. The role the trustees play is critical and entails being responsible for the governance and strategy of the charity, along with advising and directing how SOH is run.

Our volunteers work tirelessly making sure that our charity events run efficiently, greeting the community with smiles of hope, assisting in the organising of clothes and donations on site, and guaranteeing customers are happy and find what they’re looking for.

We rely heavily on our partners in order to achieve our goals, and we are always looking to build new relationships that will help us further our cause. We are hopeful that more and more people will join us in our mission to help make the lives of children brighter.

Think we can help each other?

Smile of Hope is always looking for new volunteers and partnerships to expand our reach and impact.  please don't hesitate to get in touch. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of the children we serve. Contact us now to explore volunteering and partnership opportunities.

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