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A young child who was born in Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital, Delhi. Residing in a slum area near Khichdipur with his parents and elder sister, Priam's family struggles to make ends meet. His father, working as a daily wage laborer, earns a modest income of Rs. 7000 per month. Despite their limited means, his parents strive relentlessly to fulfill the needs of their children.

The journey of young Priam took an unexpected turn when he fell ill with a cold and flu. Concerned for his well-being, his parents sought medical assistance and were informed by a physician about the irregularity in his heart rhythm. Priam's father, Pramesh, rushed him to Gandhinagar Hospital, where the diagnosis revealed a hole in his heart. Initially reassured that the condition would improve with time, Pramesh found himself confronted with a worrisome turn of events when Priam's health deteriorated after a year.

Experiencing symptoms such as exhaustion, skin discoloration, and unconsciousness, Priam's condition alarmed his father. Seeking urgent medical help, Pramesh brought Priam to Lal Bahadur Hospital, where they were eventually referred to the compassionate team at the Child Heart Foundation. Grateful for the organization's support, Pramesh expressed his optimism that Dr. Kohli, renowned for his expertise, would be able to help their precious child.

With the crucial assistance of the Child Heart Foundation and the unwavering dedication of Smile of Hope, Priam's enrollment in the HRIDAAN program paved the way for his urgent procedure. Recognizing the financial hardships faced by Priam's family, CHF and Smile of Hope collaborated to secure the necessary funds for his surgery. The operation, a pivotal milestone in Priam's journey, was executed successfully, offering renewed hope and a promising future for this resilient young soul.

Witnessing the transformative impact of their collective efforts, Priam's family is eternally grateful for the support provided by the Child Heart Foundation and Smile of Hope. Together, they have not only mended Priam's fragile heart but also instilled a renewed sense of hope and optimism in his family. This remarkable tale serves as a testament to the extraordinary power of compassion, unity, and unwavering determination in changing lives and creating brighter tomorrows.


Priam has since recovered and thiving in his new-found life.

Priam’s Consultation Team said:

"When Priam came with his parents for the first time after the surgery, the tears of his parents could not stop. His father had tears in his eyes when he said that due to his poor financial condition, he never thought that hiswould be able to undergo an operation. "

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