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In the face of uncertainty, a weak and frail girl arrived at our OPD seeking help for her deteriorating condition. We knew her case would be challenging, as she had surpassed the age limit for the particular treatment she required. Pooja, as we called her, struggled to climb even a few steps without support, often left breathless and exhausted.

Her father's desperation to heal his daughter was evident, and we were determined to provide the assistance she needed.

Hailing from a village on the outskirts of Delhi, Pooja was the eldest child in her family. Her father, Brahm Kumar, had been employed at a small factory, earning a modest monthly income of Rs. 10,000. However, tragedy struck when the factory shut down, leaving Brahm unemployed and struggling to make ends meet. Their hopes for treatment at AIIMS, the largest government hospital in Delhi, were dampened by the overwhelming patient load and inevitable delays.

Pooja's diagnosis revealed a Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD), a condition characterized by a hole in the heart that separates the lower chambers. The cost of her treatment seemed insurmountable for her father, further adding to their distress. Recognizing the urgency and importance of her case, Pooja was registered under our treatment program after providing the necessary documents and undergoing diagnosis at our center.

The Child Heart Foundation, in collaboration with the generous support of Smile of Hope, worked diligently to secure the funds required for Pooja's treatment. On October 31, 2019, she underwent a critical heart surgery at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, where a team of skilled medical professionals operated on her with utmost care and expertise.


Today, Pooja is a symbol of hope and inspiration.

She has regular follow-ups and is on a good road to recovery!

Pooja’s Father said:

" When I came to know about her illness, I was very scared that how would I get my daughter’s treatment as she is a girl so did not know what society would say and whether she can live a normal life. Thanks, heartfelt thanks to child heart foundation and Smile of Hope who came forward for my daughter’s treatment."

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