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The cherished son of his mother and adored younger sibling, hailing from a small village in Alwar, Rajasthan. His parents, driven by a deep desire to provide a brighter future for their children, work tirelessly to make ends meet. Chirayu's father, a dedicated daily wage laborer, earns a humble monthly income of Rs. 7000.

In the pursuit of a better life, Chirayu's parents dream of nurturing their children's education and capabilities, determined to spare them the hardships they themselves have endured. However, their aspirations were put to the test when Chirayu was diagnosed with a heart defect during his mother's pregnancy. Seeking medical help, they embarked on a challenging journey, visiting numerous hospitals in search of a solution.

It was during this time that fate led them to Dr. Vikas Kohli, a beacon of hope for their troubled hearts. Skeptical about the potential financial burden, Chirayu's parents approached Dr. Kohli with hesitant hearts. Their fears were soon allayed when they discovered the existence of the Child Heart Foundation through a compassionate family friend, who pointed them in the right direction.

As Chirayu grew older, his health began to deteriorate rapidly. He struggled with feeding, cried frequently, experienced irregular sleep patterns, and even turned blue at times. Concerned and desperate for answers, his parents rushed him to the hospital. There, they received the heartbreaking diagnosis of Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF), a complex combination of congenital heart defects. However, a ray of hope emerged when Dr. Kohli, with unwavering dedication, provided Chirayu with a free echo and ordered an angiography, allaying their financial concerns.

Guided by the caring hands of the Child Heart Foundation and supported by the benevolent Smile of Hope, Chirayu underwent a successful surgery within a remarkably short span of three months. The collaborative efforts of these organizations ensured that Chirayu's precious life was saved, filling his family's hearts with immeasurable gratitude and joy.

Now, as Chirayu embarks on a brighter future, his parents find solace in knowing that their beloved son has been given a second chance at life, thanks to the unwavering support and dedication of the Child Heart Foundation and Smile of Hope. Together, they have transformed the lives of Chirayu and his family, reaffirming the power of compassion and the incredible impact that can be achieved when hearts unite in pursuit of a common goal.


Chirayu is recovering after the surgery and is slowly learning to eat.

Priyanka, Chirayu's Morther thanks Dr.Kohli, CHF, and Smile of Hope for giving her son the gift of life.

Priyanka said:

" I have extreme gratitude for both SMILE OF HOPE and Dr. Vikas Kohli, who helped us through the entire process; and to Child Heart Foundation, who guided and aided in all necessary procedures."

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