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A courageous five-year-old boy who resides with his family in a rented house in Chirag Delhi. As the youngest child, Ashish brings immense joy to his family, but their financial circumstances make it difficult to meet their needs. His father, originally from Uttarakhand, works as a driver, earning an annual income of 180,000 rupees. With five family members relying solely on his father's earnings, they face significant challenges in making ends meet.

Ashish's journey took an unexpected turn when he was diagnosed with Pulmonary Atresia MAPCA'S, a severe heart condition that demanded immediate medical intervention. Despite their best efforts, Ashish's parents felt helpless as they struggled to find a cure for their beloved child. However, a ray of hope appeared when Ashish's father's employer discovered the Child Heart Foundation and the renowned expertise of Dr. Vikas Kohli. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Ashish was swiftly diagnosed and registered for treatment under the HRIDAAN Program, with his CT Angio conducted at Apollo Hospital free of charge.

Supported by the dedicated team at the Child Heart Foundation, Ashish underwent a successful open-heart surgery and is currently in the ICU, on the path to recovery. His family is overwhelmed with gratitude for the generosity and kindness extended by all those who contributed to his treatment. With unwavering hope, they anticipate Ashish's full recovery in the near future.

Ashish's story serves as an inspiration to all, showcasing his indomitable spirit and his family's unwavering love and determination to provide him with the necessary help. Despite facing numerous challenges, they never gave up on their pursuit of a brighter future for Ashish. Together, they embody the power of resilience, love, and unwavering support in overcoming obstacles and fostering hope for a healthier and happier tomorrow.


Ashish is now recovering and is on

regular follow up via telephone as well as through clinic visits.

Ashish’s Father said:

"The support of the CHF team and the generosity of Smile of hope donor have made all the difference, giving Ashish a chance at a normal, healthy life. I want everyone to come together like this and continue to support children like Ashish, so that they too can receive the medical care they need to overcome their health challenges and live their best lives"

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