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An extraordinary 15-year-old from Ayodhya, Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh, whose inspiring journey will touch your heart. Born as the only child in his family, Anunay's academic brilliance shone through from a young age. Despite his father's role as a hardworking farmer, the family ensured that no hindrances would impede Anunay's education. Scoring an exceptional 94% in his 10th board exams, Anunay nurtured dreams of pursuing a career in the medical field.

However, life presented an unforeseen challenge when Anunay was diagnosed with Double Inlet Single Left Ventricle at just six years old. Dealing with cardiac issues became a daily battle, with symptoms like blue nails, tongue, and lips, and shortness of breath casting a shadow over his young life. Recognizing the severity of his condition, Anunay's family embarked on a journey to seek medical guidance.

Their search led them to King George's Medical University in Lucknow, where the doctors were unable to provide a definitive diagnosis. Determined to find answers, they traveled to Delhi in 2014, hoping for a breakthrough. Unfortunately, they encountered long queues and delays at G.B. Pant Hospital, further prolonging Anunay's path to recovery.

In 2019, Anunay's family's ray of hope came in the form of the Child Heart Foundation. This remarkable NGO specializes in providing support to children with heart conditions. With their expert guidance and the unwavering commitment of Dr. Vikas Kohli, the foundation's visionary founder and trustee, Anunay's family finally found solace. Together, they explored a complex treatment plan that would offer Anunay the chance for a healthier future.

Through the generous support of Smile of Hope and the Child Heart Foundation, Anunay's dream became a reality. Financial assistance and unwavering dedication ensured that Anunay received the Fontan surgery he needed. This transformative experience not only saved his life but also became a beacon of hope for countless others facing similar challenges.

Join us in celebrating Anunay's triumph over adversity and in spreading hope to children and families in similar circumstances. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that no child's dreams are limited by their health challenges.


Anunay's treatment has been successful and the experience

has motivated him to become a surgeon himself and help others like himself.

Team that treated Anunay, said:

" His father has tears in his eyes when he said He cannot express in words how thankful he is to Child Hear Foundation and Smile of Hope for giving his son’s a new life." - Treatment Team

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