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Amidst the concerns of a worried family, a young boy named Agamdeep entered the spotlight at our Jalandhar OPD, his frail form battling illness. His parents' anxiety was palpable, reflecting their desperation to find a solution. As his story unfolded, a tale of determination, resilience, and collective support emerged, showcasing the profound impact of timely intervention.

Agamdeep's journey through the doors of our OPD marked the beginning of a transformative experience. With meticulous care, we processed his documents, ensuring that his road to recovery would be as smooth as possible. In November 2019, at a tender age of 5.5 years, he underwent a life-changing surgery in Delhi. This remarkable feat was achieved through the dedicated collaboration of medical experts and the unwavering support of his family.

Hailing from a remote village in Punjab, Agamdeep's family faced not only geographical distance but also the challenges of separation. His father had migrated to another state in pursuit of work, leaving his family behind. The initial lack of awareness about Agamdeep's health condition led to misattributed symptoms and traditional remedies. It was only when his condition deteriorated that his father was summoned, and they turned to the Child Heart Foundation (CHF) for help.

The successful treatment Agamdeep received marked a turning point in his life. This brave young boy's health improved significantly, enabling him to join school and relocate to the city to live with his father. Regular follow-up visits to CHF have become a testament to his remarkable journey from illness to recovery. Agamdeep's story serves as a reminder of the power of collective efforts, nurturing a healthier future for an individual and his family.

Gratitude radiates from Agamdeep's parents as they extend their heartfelt appreciation to CHF and Smile of Hope. The life-saving impact of their collaboration shines as a beacon of hope, illustrating the profound difference that compassionate intervention can make in a child's life.


Today, Agamdeep is doing very well, he has joined school and has moved in with his father in the city. They come

for regular follow ups and we are happy to see him grow healthy!

Agamdeep's Father said:

" I am forever thankful to my father for sending me to seek the help of CHF and SOH, without them I'm not sure our son would be here today. Thank you to all the doctors and everyone responsible for treating my son."

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