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Zaryab, a vibrant and cheerful 5-year-old boy living in Delhi with his mother, Sadia, and aunt. Sadia, a single mother, faces numerous challenges in supporting herself and her beloved child, but their bond remains unbreakable.

When Zaryab was just two years old, a routine screening at one of the Thursday OPDs revealed a diagnosis of Patent Ductus Arteriosus. Sadia was devastated upon learning about her son's condition, especially considering her financial limitations and dependence on her sister for support. The cost of treatment seemed unattainable for them.

Fortunately, the Child Heart Foundation (CHF) stepped in to provide assistance. Zaryab was registered under the CHF HRIDAAN PROGRAM, aimed at helping children in need of critical heart surgeries. The foundation tirelessly worked to raise the necessary funds for Zaryab's treatment, ensuring he could receive the care he deserved.

On November 28, 2019, Zaryab underwent a complex and challenging surgery at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital funded by Smile of Hope. His case presented unique difficulties as his heart was oriented towards the right side of his chest, an incredibly rare occurrence that required corrective measures. Additionally, Zaryab's weakened condition added further complexity to the intervention. However, thanks to the dedication and expertise of the medical team, the surgery was a success.


Today, Zaryab and Sadia remain healthy, happy, and thankful to everyone who contributed to their treatment.

Zaryab’s Mother said:

" Being a single mother, I was not capable enough to get my son treated soon enough. I am happy whenever I see Zaryab going to school and playing like other children. For saving the life of Zaryab I will always be thankful to Child Heart Foundation & Smile of Hope."

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