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Little Siddhartha, a nine-month-old residing in the vibrant Sarita Vihar area of Delhi. Siddhartha's family lives in a rented house, and his father works diligently as a security guard, earning a monthly income of Rs. 10,000. Siddhartha's mother, a devoted homemaker, takes care of their precious children.

Siddhartha's heart condition remained unnoticed for a significant period, but thanks to the relentless efforts of the Child Heart Foundation and the expertise of Dr. Vikas Kohli, his condition was finally diagnosed. Siddhartha was identified with Supra Cardiac Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous (TAPV) and received the necessary medical attention to address his condition.

Throughout this challenging journey, Siddhartha's parents, Praveen Kumar Singh and Nishi Singh, stood as pillars of unwavering support for their little one. Despite facing financial constraints, they never lost hope and continued to fight tirelessly for their child's well-being. Their determination and resilience have become a source of inspiration for many.

With the combined support of the Child Heart Foundation and Smile of Hope, Siddhartha underwent a successful Total Repair surgery, marking a significant milestone in his recovery. Now, Siddhartha is on the path to a healthier future, where he can embrace life with renewed vigor.


Today, Siddharth is a symbol of hope and inspiration.

Siddharth has regular follow-ups and is getting better day by day!

Siddhartha’s Father said:

"The support of Smile of Hope and Child Heart Foundation has made a significant impact on our lives."

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