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Sagar's parents were consumed by worry when they received the diagnosis of Pulmonary Atresia VSD from the renowned Dr. Vikas Kohli. In their quest for answers, they found solace in the PraDAAN program offered by the Child Heart Foundation (CHF), which provides free Echo screenings to underprivileged children. It was through this program that Sagar's condition was discovered.

With the diagnosis in hand, Dr. Kohli informed Sagar's parents that a Total Repair surgery was the recommended course of action. However, the estimated cost of Rs. 400,000 posed a significant financial burden for the family. In a stroke of luck, Sagar underwent CT Anglo, and the CHF team stepped in to provide much-needed financial assistance.

The severity of Sagar's health condition struck fear in the hearts of his parents, as they realized that they were unable to afford the necessary surgery on their own. Understanding the gravity of the situation, the CHF team swiftly enrolled Sagar in the HRIDAAN program, ensuring all the required documentation was in order.

Time was of the essence for Sagar. The urgency of his situation demanded immediate intervention to prevent any potential complications. Through the unwavering support of Smile of Hope, the CHF was able to secure the funds necessary for Sagar's operation, offering a glimmer of hope in an otherwise challenging time.

With the financial assistance secured, Sagar underwent the operation he desperately needed. The CHF team worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the procedure. Thanks to their efforts and the support of Smile of Hope, Sagar's operation was completed successfully, providing him with a chance at a healthier and brighter future.


Today, Sagar is a symbol of hope and inspiration.

Sagar has regular follow-ups and is on a good road to recovery!

Sagar’s Father said:

" Little Sagar is the most beloved of his joint family. Everyone is very happy that Sagar was cured so quickly. Every single member of his family sincerely appreciates smile of hope Child Heart Foundation and also hope that children in need continue to get help like this."

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