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In the picturesque village of Imliya, Mahoda, Uttar Pradesh. Ritik, the cherished younger brother among his five adoring sisters, holds a special place in the hearts of his family. Their humble abode is filled with love, but the weight of providing for their six children rests upon the shoulders of Ritik's hardworking parents.

With unwavering determination, Ritik's father toils as a daily wage laborer, while his mother dedicates herself to working as a maid in the homes of others. Every penny earned is a step towards ensuring a better future for their children. However, the serenity of their lives was disrupted when young Ritik fell gravely ill with a severe cold and cough at just two months old. Concerned for their little one's well-being, Ritik's parents sought medical help from a local doctor who prescribed medications. Unfortunately, the prescribed remedies failed to alleviate his condition, leaving his parents worried and desperate for answers.

Their quest for answers led them to another hospital, where a heart-wrenching revelation awaited them—their beloved Ritik had a hole in his heart. Faced with the daunting reality of their child's critical condition, Ritik's mother made the courageous decision to embark on a solitary journey to Delhi, a new and unfamiliar place, while his father worked tirelessly in the fields to support their expenses.

Hope seemed to elude the family as they navigated through multiple government hospitals, facing long waiting periods and the burden of frequent visits. It was in the midst of their despair that a ray of hope emerged, whispered to Ritik's mother by a well-meaning relative—the Child Heart Foundation.

With newfound determination, Ritik's parents sought the guidance of Dr. Vikas Kohli, a beacon of expertise within the foundation. The diagnosis revealed that Ritik was battling Tetralogy of Fallot, a complex heart condition that required immediate intervention. TOF Repair, a surgical procedure with an estimated cost of Rs. 4,00,000, was deemed essential for Ritik's recovery.

Recognizing the financial constraints of the family, Ritik was enrolled in the Child Heart Foundation's HRIDAAN program, providing a glimmer of hope amidst their struggles. Despite facing the additional challenge of a lung infection, Ritik's unwavering spirit prevailed as Smile of Hope and the Child Heart Foundation came forward, providing the much-needed financial support for his surgery.

On the memorable date of 08/07/2021, Ritik emerged victorious, his surgery proving successful against all odds. The union of Smile of Hope and the Child Heart Foundation transformed a seemingly impossible dream into a tangible reality, forever etching a smile of joy on the faces of Ritik and his resilient family.


Ritik is fine now and doing his daily activities like any other child.

Ritik’s mother said:

" I will always be grateful to Smile of Hope and Child heart Foundation because if my son had not got help, I would not have been able to save my child. ."

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